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How can I make my orders?

If you want to make an order you can:

  • Add your products to your basket simply clicking on the related button
  • Click on "Buy" in the Summary page of your cart or in the shortcut at the left of every product page
  • Register to our website if you are a new user or log-in
  • Confirm the delivery adress
  • Proceed to payment

Is there a minimum purchase?

Yes, the minimum purchase is €19,99

How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card, prepaid credit cards, paypal or with a SEPA bank transfer. For further information about payment methods click here.

Can I pay at delivery?

No, payment at delivery is not allowed for perishable products like fruit and vegetables.

What about delivery time?

Products are sent with an express courier and they are delivered within 24/48 hours.
Delivery time is considered starting form when the box is given to the courier, and not from the moment of the order.

Normally, shipment coincides with orders but might delay depending to the availability of the products on FruttaWeb.com. Anyhow rarely shipment requires additional time from the one indicated.

As far as ordinary products are concerned, shipments are made within 24/48 hours (except in Saturdays and Sundays).

If FruttaWeb's staff is not sure that package will be sent within Friday, products will be sent at the first useful day, in order to preserve the quality of products.

I have some coupons, how can I spend them?

There are different ways to receive coupons and we often make promotions on social networks or by email. If you have a coupon and you don't know how to use it you can read through this page.

What about shipment costs?

Shipment costs are calculated according the total weight of your products.
For further information about costs you can click here.

Where are your offices and where do you send your products?

We send throughout Italy, including the Islands, and abroad!
Fruttaweb.com belongs to Agrifruit S.r.l, which has a local retail activity in Molinella (BO) in Via G. Reni 38, 40062. However, not all products which are available in the store are in our sales point.

If you wish, you can choose the option "I will pick up in your sales point" and all shipment costs will not be added.

How are my products handled?

We pay an incredible attention during packing process of your products.
You can read through here for further information.

Where can I find out about the origin of my products?

Every product has a label, right next the price, which indicates its country of origin and the place where it has been produced.

What is the ratio between price and quantities?

This information is indicated in the name of every product.

Have you got other questions?

For further information, you can click here and we will answer immediately!