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What is FruttaWeb?

Only on FruttaWeb, you can touch with your hands the entire Fresh Fruit World, with just one click!

fruttaweb ecommerce acquista online is the premium e-commerce for high quality fresh fruit and vegetables with a wide selection from all around the world. More than 1.300 products that you can received at your doorstep in 48h in just one click. Our products are excellencesand specialties. We present them to you like this, in the most genuine way.

FruttaWeb is freshness. In our products and in our people, with the willingness to grow and reach common shared goals. FruttaWeb is respect, as well. Fundamental quality for a sustainable and long-term relationship, for both you and us. is uniqness, in the product selection, service and professionalism tha every day we offer you. All you need is to enjoy what you wish. Choose now between more than 1.300 quality and selected products. Now also organic!