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Join Fruttaweb's mission to reduce the environmental impact of its service. We need your help!

3 easy steps to join our mission:

  1. Keep the ice blocks you receive with our boxes (you don't have to freeze them)

  2. Collect the requested number of ice according to the type of contribution you want to make. The table below will show you all the options

  3. Write to us. We will contact you, arrange the collection and give you the discount coupon. Please remember to give us your telephone number and e-mail address so that we can contact you.

Further information:

  • Fruttaweb has two kind of ice blocks: 250gr and 500gr. In this table we considered 500gr ice blocks. If you want to consider 250gr ice blocks you can double every number in the chart.

  • Dimensions in the table are the same of our packages. If you order on Fruttaweb you will see that we use different kind of boxes depending on the quantity and type of purchased products. 

  • We recommend you to use a box with the requested measures which corresponds to the amount of ice blocks you want to give back.

  • You can put the ice blocks without freezing them.

For further information concerning our mission, do not hesitate to contact us!
We will be glad to explain you every detail! Help our enviroment, the rarest good of our earth.