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How to use a coupon 

1. Click on "My cart"

Once you completed choosing your products, or in any other moment, click on "Your Cart" in upper right part of the page. 

2. Insert your code

Make sure that you are on the “Summary” page. Insert your code in the “Coupon code” line and click on “Confirm”. You can use all coupons you want in the same order, if they can be used simultaneously. In fact, not all coupons have this option.

3. Check if your code has been applied

Finally, verify that your code has been applied by checking the total amount of the cart. 

In any moment you can check if you have coupon to use. Just click on “My account”, in the upper right part of the page and then on “My coupons”.

In this page you can see your coupons, the related codes, their deadline and if they can be used in a combination with others or not.

That’s all, it is very easy! We hope that this guide has been useful, and if you have problems or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.