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We handle your products as we would do for ourselves!

Product selection

Our staff selects your products with high competence and responsibility! Thanks to our strong relationships with important suppliers, we are always able to guarantee high-quality products. You can believe in us!

How Do We Prepare Your Box?


We pay incredible attention to your box preparation and to your products. Our task is to preserve:

  • The quality of the products

  • The freshness of the products

  • Your confidence in our service

The material which we use

Our packages are container made of Sintered Polystyrene Foam (EPS), created to isolate the outward and inner temperatures (click here to check the heat deterioration certification) and to preserve the quality of our products. Our containers are certified for the food handling (click here to check the food handling certification).
During the hottest seasons, some gel-ice will be put inside the boxes. This kind of ice is created to maintain the cold chain condition during fresh food transportation.
Click here to check the Technical Data Sheet of our ice.
Click here to check the Safety Data Sheet of our ice.

A Useful Note: this particular ice ice can be infinitely re-used. Consider it as a gift for you! After defrosting it, it can be put in your freezer and be re-used whenever you prefer.

Afraid that something might go wrong?

In the case of any problem, we invite you to contact us immediately! We always take our responsibilities in case of unexpected problems and we offer coupons or economic refund in case of relevant issues.