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It's the basic food of the cuisine of Calabria both for the sweetness compared to the other onions and the digestibility!

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It's the basic food of the cuisine of Calabria both for the sweetness compared to the other onions and the digestibility!

The red onion is the name given to the red onion grown in the land of Calabria. The particular substances contained in the plot of this area make it sweet and not bitter.
It consists of several concentric fleshy tunics, white-colored and red wrapper; it has been cultivated in these areas for more than two thousand years, imported by the Phoenicians, and for over a century, now combined with tourism, has contributed to the socio-economic development of the area. The sweetness of the vegetable depends on the stable microclimate during winter, without changes in temperature for the action of meekness exercised by the proximity of the sea, and fresh and loamy plots, which determine the characteristics of this high-quality product.
The taste is determined in particular by the consistent presence of sugars such as glucose, fructose, sucrose. It contributes to dietary intake by about 20 calories per 100 grams of fresh product.
On the medical field several theories have followed, such as those of the Russian doctor Bakin, who showed that the bulb of onion generally has antiseptic properties against typhoid bacteria, staphylococci and some germs harmful to health.
An American dermatologist confirms what the ancients had passed, that the mixture of onion was used to treat wounds, bullae, papules and other skin infections.
Other studies associate the onion as a painkiller against rheumatism, while other studies show that if you chew it for a few minutes, the mouth remains sterilized.


Therapeutic properties: the onion is indicated as a remedy against skin illnesses, as relief for colds and flu, is an anti-hemorrhagic, tones the veins and arteries, which has a beneficial effect on diuresis and hypertension. It is also traditionally used to treat intestinal infections, to prevent cardiovascular disease, kidney stones, diuretic, whooping cough and cancer.


Ideal for the preparation of chopped onions, herbs and ham or bacon fried on a low heat, mixed salad of fresh tomatoes, olives and oregano.
It can be the main ingredient of many delicacies, like jam or ice-cream.

Historical sources attribute to the Phoenicians the introduction of this variety of onion on the southern Tyrrhenian area of Calabria.
This would find confirm on the recent archaeological findings in the zone between Vibo Marina and Trainiti.
Ancient handmade products were found submerged and in part with sand all over them, from the ancient harbour of Punico of Hipponion.
The Greeks, then, commercialized in the Mediterranean sea, as some archaeological findings found on the Tyrrhenian coast around Vibo Valentia witness.
According to the ancient Egyptians, the red onion was a sacred plant.

Did you know that...
... Some shops in Tropea offer onion jam to spread on slices of bread toasted and seasoned with garlic, olive oil and salt?
... Planted and harvested as once, today it’s processed by women who strip it away from the soil, deprive it from the stalk and the root and then arrange it in big rope sacks from 10 kg? Or it gets hanged after plaiting it?
... The connoisseurs sustain that the Red of Tropea doesn’t make people cry like the other onions?



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