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Four specialties that accompanies any kind of dish, from fish to meat and vegetables!

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dFour specialties that accompanies any kind of dish, from fish to meat and vegetables!

The box contains Shiso Purple, Shiso Green, Daikon Cress Mustard Cress.

  • Purple shiso: Its flavor, while recalling the cumin, is entirely unique. Widely used and with high ornamental value. Its flavor is enhanced when combined with mushroom dishes, cheese or broths. Shiso Purple is particularly suitable for raw fish dishes.

  • Shiso Green: Its flavor combines perfectly with fish but it 'also suitable as a garnish on a plate of cheeses, as part of a salad or a sandwich. Try to combine it with a tartare of tuna and 'absolutely perfect!

  • Daikon Cress: Its strong flavor of horseradish makes it an authentic flavor and goes well with dishes of raw fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel and herring. In a mixed salad she gives that little bit extra.

  • Mustard Cress: strong flavor of wasabi / mustard. The various colors found on the leaves give this a unique watercress. This variant has been selected based on the strong flavor of the young plant. It 'an authentic flavor in salads and is at its best when paired with carpaccio or raw fish. It also represents an addition to the spicy cold meat or fish. Mustard Cress goes perfectly with Asian cuisine.

Produced according to socially responsible farming methods, Shiso Mixed is eligible sanitary standards for use in the kitchen.
The product requires only a risciaquatura, being cultivated in a clean and hygienic.

Shiso Mixed meets the needs of the chef to have essences ideal for garnishing dishes. The four specialties' including entailed in every kind of dish, from fish to meat and vegetables.

Shiso Mixed and 'available year round and can' be stored for up to 7 days of delivery. The storage temperature and 'of 2-7 ° C with optimum temperature between 2 ° and 4 ° C.

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  • F. Cecilia
  •  il 21/02/2017
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un gusto particolare
  • M. Barbara
  •  il 13/02/2017
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Molto belle
  • F. Cristian
  •  il 12/02/2017
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fresche e ottima qualità