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3 fruits


Almaverde Bio

Among the most appreciated in the world… On average sweet, not much sour and crunchy

2 fruits weighting about 400/600 gr

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x 3 fruits

Among the most appreciated in the world… On average sweet, not much sour and crunchy! 


The Red Delicious has an intense, bright red colouring, estendendo on the whole fruit, and the lengthened shape with the classical calycine knobs.
The pulp is cream-white, on average sweet, not much sour, crunchy, on average aromatic.
The Stark Delicious, or Red Delicious is probably the most consumed variety in the world.

It’s better to keep it fresh because out of the fridge it can become floury.


The most famous red apple of the world was born from an unknown seed casually finished near to a cut-off trunk of another apple tree, whose roots unexpectedly kept surviving.
We’re in the middle of the U.S., in Iowa, by the end of 1800, in a cold continental climate.
Mr. Jesse Hiatt had cut his old Golden tree, which seemed dead, off, but when he saw the buds he decided to make them grow and bear fruits.
Some years later, there it was the happy surprise: a little tree with ruby red apples that, other than the appetizing colour, also had a delicious taste.


This variety is quite sensible to the springlike cold, so it isn’t really suitable for the cultivation on the mountains.
The apple tree is a vigorous tree that can reach 10 m height.
The trunk is smooth and the leaves are oval, sharp, of a dark green colouring with a serrated margin.
In April they give beautiful flowers out, hermaphrodite, with five white-rosy petals.



Did you know that…
... New York City, symbolized by an apple, is also called “the big apple”?
... The apple has been the symbol of sin since the times of the Scriptures? In the Eden garden Adam and Eva lived happily before they were expelled out of it, after having eaten the apple violating the Sacred Prohibition.
... Apples come from Kazakistan. The most populous city of Kazakistan is Almaty, which literally means “the apples’ place”?


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